Does Orange Pi I96 need a heat sink


Are there any considerations to be made for heating that when designing a product using Orange Pi I96? A possibility I am considering is to package the eventual product that seals the OPi I96 in as tight enclosure as possible… the intent is to make it harder to access it from security point of view. So the question whether a heat sink is needed.

It does not need a heatsink in normal conditions. In a sealed case it
would be impossible to say since it would depend upon the thermal design
of the case (although I doubt you’d have do very much to shift heat out
of the case).

Thanks for your response.

Would it suffice if I were to not use a heat sink and keep only the CPU exposed, but rest of the board enclosed?

It might… but if you can expose the SoC then why not just include a couple of small vents in the case design?

I don’t know the thermal limits of this chip well but I can only really think of two ways to do it. Design a way to get hot air out of the case (and cool air in) or to sink the heat through the case material (this is what most modern phones do… the SoC is thermally well connected to the chassis). Generally speaking the air flow approach is much easier to design and should be fine for a low power board like this one.