Does MIPI Adapter Mezzanine support Ultra96?


Have you used MIPI Adapter Mezzanine with Ultra96?

I heard it doesn’t support Ultra96.
Some guy told me Ultra96 needs HS and LP signals per lane but the Mezzanine provides only one signal
Is it true?


I have not used it personally, but I have heard of people within Xilinx using it successfully. We will look at creating a reference design to show how to get MIPI running on Ultra96.


Any updates on the Ultra96 MIPI reference design? (or confirmation that the Mezzanine Adapter mentioned in OP is compatible?)
Best, Adam


We are working on one now. The latest MIPI Mezzanine is a v2.1, which requires an adapter board to connect to some sensors. We are collecting the various hardware pieces and will hopefully be able to exercise an example design before the end of January.


We had a little trouble getting the adapters. We are now waiting on shipment of the associated cables. Therefore, we have not been able to check this out yet since all of the pieces haven’t arrived yet. It sounds like the cables will be on there way after the Chinese New Year celebration, so we likely won’t have anything new until the end of February.



Any updates on the Ultra96 and the MIPI Mezzanine Adapter compatibility?
I’m thinking of buying an Ultra96 for camera applications. An update would be very helpful!



MIPI Mezzanine board can work with two cameras. I have made a custom board based on MIPI Mezzanine board rev2.1 and it is working fine. I have checked them with Raspberry Pi cameras.

I also followed the tutorial as shown here:


Thank you very much for the response!