Does Hikey960 board support Android Pie release?


I just want to trying build and download the Android Pie on Hikey960 board, does it support ? if yes what are the precautions i have to take?


Hikey960 is only supported on Android Master Branch which is currently Android P (Pie).
Google internal P branch has been recently merged to master (Tue Aug 7).
So you can sync and build Android master for your Hikey960 or download latest snapshot.
I did not tested it so I’m not sure about the stability.

I try it , SUPPORT!!

There is some errors with file system before,  it can not  run into luncher desktop.
Because I didn't clean the out path.

rm -rf out

then new compiled the Android Pie  , it works!

Hi fubaojun2006,

usb adb is working on your build ??


But recently repo sync , compiled failed.  there is the error:

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

maybe my computer is poor in memory 8GB