Does Aiva-96 mic board works on HIkey960?


Does Aiva-96 mic board works on HIkey960?

Can we connect Aiva-96 board to 40 pin expansion header of Hikey960 and does it recognizes as codec board and can we do capture and playback on Aiva-96 board

AiVA-96 allows developers to start own smart voice project with all major voice assistant platforms. Built around XMOS XVF3000, 4x far-field Infineon MEMS mic, works with Dragonboard 410c or other 96Boards, and supports major OS platforms. Adding the optional ZBX3-UBUT to enable the voice-enabled smart home projects.


Looks like a bit of a strange configuration. It has both a USB interface via HS, as well as I2S/I2C/GPIO on the LS connector. The documentation is really insufficient to tell me what the board does with all the interfaces, EXCEPT that its pretty clear that it has a standard usb audio class interface. So from my perspective, it should work as a standard audio device without any kind of special drivers or configurations. As far as the gpio/i2c goes, without seeing some better documentation, I couldn’t tell you what it would require there or what it is even FOR, HOWEVER, as far as the hardware goes, it is compatible.