Do Hikey 960 board support OP-TEE?

I need a board in my lab to run OP-TEE, and I know Hikey 96 is discontinued, Hikey 960 is an alternative?

There’s a Hikey board and a Hikey 960 board, but no Hikey 96 board. No boards are discontinued afaik. Do you mean you cannot buy a Hikey board?

OP-TEE support on Hikey 960 is still being worked on. No ETA atm.

Agree. When Hikey 960 was released Lemaker did start calling the original Hikey the “Hikey 620” in some parts of its web site. Anyhow, the Hikey 960 costs twice as much as the 2G Hikey 620 so the 620 isn’t really in the same market niche as the 960 board, so I don’t think the new board requires the old one to be killed off.

I just need a board to run OP-TEE, I know Hikey board is a good choice, but I only find a hikey 960 board in the store.
Get it, thank you!

I might know now what you mean by discontinued. Seeed Studio listed the Hikey board as ‘discontinued’, but it just means that they stopped selling it, not others. Amazon appears to be still selling them, but if you’ve looked at Seeed, then you’re probably somewhere in Asia. Maybe try

Or if you can get your hands on any one of these boards [1] that are marked publicly available, OP-TEE is supported too.


@1111 OP-TEE is now supported on hikey960.