Displayport via USB Type-C on Dragonboard 845c

I am trying to get a second display working via the USB Type-C port on the 845c using an anker 8-in-1 media hub with the current AOSP release and I get no response from the hub. It appears to not be getting any power. I have tested the media hub on a windows PC to validate it is working.

Is there support for displayport via USB Type C in the current AOSP release?

Hey Stephen,

The db84c does not support displayport output over usb-c, unfortunately. I’m not totally sure if this is a hardware limitation, but there is no support for it in the kernel device tree at the moment.


Thanks for the quick response.


All the documentation I can find points to the hardware being perfectly capable of this feature. The hardware user manual section 3.9.3 explicitly refers to routing of eDP interface to the type-C connector: https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard/dragonboard845c/hardware-docs/files/rb3-hardware-user-manual.PDF

Supported capability according to qcom documentation;

Now about your “anker 8-in-1 media hub”… are you certain that it actually uses displayport? Many of these USB lots-in-1 boxes use USB-to-HDMI converters rather than displayport. The easy way for you to check is to see if some separate video card driver binds to a USB device on a different machine when you plug it in.

Assuming that you have an actual displayport device hooked up to it, it would seem to be a software limitation rather than hardware.