Have you installed DisplayLink Driver on Debian8.5?

Hi nosshi

I don’t think DisplayLink can be used on a Dragonboard 410c. The Dragonboard 410c does not have USB 3.0 support and the DisplayLink driver contains binary-only components that are only compiled for x86 and x86_64 architectures.


Hi Daniel

oh oops! i got it wrong Displaylink URL.

This DL-1xx chipset are using USB2.0 and it support Linux Ubuntu 14.10.
USB 2.0 DL-1xx Devices
The kernel DRM driver for DisplayLink is udl, a rewrite of the original udlfb driver. It allows configuring DisplayLink monitors using Xrandr.
First, the setup and installation:Blacklist the old kernel module, udlfb, which may attempt to load itself first.

Please help how to use build for Debian.


To get this running you will need to recompile your kernel. Instructions to do so can be found here.

You will need to alter the kernel configuration to include the udl driver. Use “make menuconfig” for that; you need to enable Device Drivers -> Graphics Support -> DisplayLink . Once you have changed the configuration, built and installed the kernel then we can start to follow the notes on the arch linux wiki.

Good luck!