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   I am using Hikey960 Board. I am using xen hyper-visor on this board. And using Debian as domain-0(host domain). On Host domain every thing is working perfectly. And I also created Debian as Domain-U(Guest domain). Here I want to use display for domain-U. For this, I  am trying to use para virtualisation to display domain-U UI directly on display. But I am not able to understand display driver.

   Could you please provide some documents to understand Hykey960 Display driver?

Thank you,
Omkar B


It’s quite clear what you are trying to do but if you want to run a
para-virtualized display then is the hikey960 display driver going
to be involved much.

I would expect para-virtual graphics to use the graphics driver on dom0
(which already works) and tunnel commands from domU to dom0 (which is
outside the scope of the graphics driver).

Put another way, I can’t really help (I’m not a xen user and you’d
probably have to ask the xen community about para-virtual GFX) but I
would suggest you rephrase or clarify the question!


Thanks for reply,

Here, my question is how display getting frame buffer in domain-0 and where driver is refreshing display data?

I am asking this information because after starting Guest, I want to change display buffer to Guest display buffer. so that display collects data from Guest frame buffer.

Omkar B


With the latest kernel (v4.14) the hikey should be using a proper DRM driver so you’ld probably want to start with one of the DRM paravirtualization approaches for Xen.