Display resolution and timing

Is there a timeline on when we’ll see a more robust list of supported video displays for hdmi output? My 960 doesn’t work on my monitor, or my 40" tv. I would very much like to use it with my monitor though

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What are the resolution and refresh rates for both? And are you using any sort of conversion, hdmi to vga etc?

On the monitor I’m using a dvi adapter, but the tv uses straight hdmi and still isn’t compatible. I read about the r-alt+printscr+g, but it isn’t working on android. The board works on the 32" tv in my living room though, but that’s inconvenient for my wife and kids because they use that tv.

Do you have the following information:

I’m also curious about your monitor/tv manufacturer/model.
I personally use a hdmi-dvi adapter which works well on my side.
It could be an issue in the EDID communication.
Did you try to select manually hdmi/dvi source before booting the board instead of automatic source detection.

I did not manually select any settings. The tv that works is a hisense 32" led. The Phillips 40" doesn’t work, and the monitor is a hp compaq la1905wg that recommends 1440x900-60hz. I’ll have to check when I get home.

How do I manually select the source? Is it on the display monitor, or the card that you are suggesting that I do it?

it should be in the display monitor. I you have multiple connectors on a monitor there is usually an option to manually switch between the for eg. hdmi, vga, dvi etc

one of the things i have experienced is the try to turn on “game mode” if it is available on tv. Many time TVs have a bunch of processing done internally and that might effect compatibility with devices.
some Tv’s do have game mode that disables all of the processing and directly display the image from source.
try latest build

Thank you guys. I’m going to try this out after work tonight

let us know if it works

it does not work. the tv says it’s “not compatible with the output device’s refresh rate or resolution” and says to change the resolution on the device. The monitor doesn;t even acknowledge the device at all and just goes to sleep. Am I running in circles?

it’s quite a nuisance that this board is having so many problems with something simple like display. This is supposed to be the best thing out right now. My XU4 connects and displays perfectly every time. my firefly rk3399 is likewise (and their support is complete crap), and this board won’t connect to a standard hp lcd monitor? its pretty angering to say the least. I’m still learning the code language and how to utilize it, but one would think that given the price of this board that it would at least be able to operate on a more universal base as far as connected displays. I’m thinking I might sell it. Sorry to be a downer to you guys. You’ve been a great help to me, but I’m feeling a little disillusioned at the moment regarding this.

have you tried android?
the debian builds use an open source gpu driver and the resolution etc. support might be limited

I am running android currently. I haven’t tried deb builds at all yet. Do I have a defective board? It will push display to the HiSense 32" tv though, but not to any of the other display options that I have tried. It’s making my head hurt. lol

Are there non-included gpu drivers that I should be sourcing and installing? What am I missing. You guys aren’t having the issue that I am having, and I’m thinking that I may have missed something. I have already pushed the Vulkan drivers, but are there others that I need to get/push before I can get this thing running reliably? What did you guys have to do before your boards started displaying correctly; did they work out of the box? Mine did not work out of the box. This display problem was from the first boot, and no OS flash has fixed this yet.

try different/better HDMI cables. some time that has an effect too.
And again if you could give us the exact specific model that would help us alot, there are many Philips 40" TVs out there, All with different specs.

I had db410c in mind, the gpu drivers are fine

I’ll check the model after work today. I tried three different sets of hdmi cable to no effect. My real want is for this to work with my monitor at my work station (the HP Compaq LA1905wg). The TV is usually just a backup. I went through the settings on the monitor and changed everything that is relevant and it fixed nothing. Again, I’m using a HDMI to DVI adapter with the monitor. I think I’ll see if I can find a HDMI/VGA adapter to see if it works. I’ll let you know. How do I adjust the resolution/timing via terminal? Maybe that, if possible, can work for me.

Are the gpu drivers available the official mali versions?

…and thank you so much for your help by the way.

I noticed on the downloads page that there are a few extra things other than the .img that I download for flashing to the board. should I be downloading all of this and building the firmware with it, or is the hikey960-linaro-2017.08.26-factory-13f921fa.zip all I actually need? I’m probably missing something simple. Again I’m new to this.