Display Porting

I have BOE BP101WX1-400 display TFT board. I want to connect it to DragonBoard 410c. I don’t have driver, Display Specifications, and oncommand, and off command for the board. How Should I do it.

Display Details
Size : 1280 * 800
1 Display Size - 10.1
2 Aspect Ratio - 16:10
3 ITO Technology Type - a-Si
4 Liquid Crystal Alignment Method- ADS
5 Resolution - 1280RGB800
6 Display mode- Transmissive, Normally Black
7 NTSC 50%
8 Color Depth 16.7M
9 Viewing Direction All Viewing direction
10 Response Time 30
11 Front Polarizer Surface SR16H
12 Contrast Ratio 800
13 Luminance- 350
14 Module Size with PCB - 229.46
149.152.4 (typ)
15 Maximum Thickness w/o PCB Area - 2.6
16 Maximum Thickness With PCB area - 4.5
17 Panel Active Area- 216.96(W)135.60(H)
18 Bezel Area-TBD
19 Pixel Size -0.0565RGB
20 Pixel Pitch - 0.1695
0.1695 ĕ

I have tried to follow DSI porting guide. but the patch for the Display is not available

do you have the datasheet?

Yes. But above things are not mentioned in it.

Then you may be able to contact the vendor and ask for MIPI-DSI DCS on/off sequences, and optional pre/post sequences, id sequences, and timings/dimensions. You also need the timings like pixle clock, byte clock, front/back porch etc, . etc. Without those it becomes an impossible guessing game.

If you haven’t designed and built an adapter board yet (which you also need to convert from the DB410C connectors to the 40-pin connector of the display), you could also consider sourcing a display that is either already supported by a Linux kernel or one that has these sequences available.