Display Flickering DragonBoard410C + EloTouch 2202l

Hello folks!

I’ve followed the fastboot guide (Linux Host Installation for DragonBoard-410c - 96Boards), flashed the latest Android files on the board and now after the boot, the device keep flickering the display several times and then I have a black screen.

The display is a EloTouch 22" (model 2202l) and its native/default resolution is 1920x1080p at 60hz. I’ve heard somewhere that 410c can only push 30hz.

If that is correct, how can I change the display refresh rate on Android provided by 96boards?

I’m struggling to get it to work. The funny thing is that I thought my board was broken. Bought another one and when I just open the box and plug on the display, it just works! So perhaps something on the pre-installed Android is different from the ones from the fastboot tutorial.

Can someone shed a light on it?

I need this display to work and also make it rotate 90o so it can be portrait to be used on a kiosk.

I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you!

I think you’d need to provide clearer version numbers describing the working and broken cases for there to be an clear idea what might be different in these cases (working case can be read out using the GUI; broken case give exact numbers of whatever it was you downloaded).

As a hardware test you could also run the latest Debian images on the board that is not working. Debian uses a much more modern display stack compared to the Qualcomm Android images and it interoperates better with certain monitors.

Thanks for the reply @danielt

I’ve downloaded the SD Card install (boot eMMC) version and it work flawless. The fastboot files even on a new board present the same problem.

I also tested with Debian. It worked on both cases and both boards. Perhaps something is wrong with the fastboot files.

I didn’t liked of the performance of Dragonboard with Android. My feeling is that the rendering looks like isn’t using the GPU and is software rendered instead…

I’ve ordered the Hikey960 and it should arrive tomorrow… Lets hope we can use it with the latest AOSP and that it has better performance.

Thank you!

I hope you like the hikey960!

Pretty sure that all the Android UI stuff is in hardware on the dragonboard. In the qualcomm 5.1 build, it will be using the qualcomm blobs, or using a linaro/master build, it will be using freedreno.

However, sluggishness will still be expected. 1 GB or RAM and that little CPU will have a hard time with the demands of Android.

The Hikey960 is a real nice board, and Android is a real pleasure on it, since its been adopted by Google and is supported in AOSP Master. Although one has to wonder if the US/China trade war will impact that status. Thus far, it does not appear to.