Display blank after flashing custom kernel image on Linaro Debian Desktop


I am trying to build and deploy a custom kernel to DragonBoard410c with Linaro Debian Desktop.

I installed Linaro Debian Desktop (4.14) to eMMC using SD card installer (Option 1 in instructions). Desktop was displayed on the monitor.

Then I built and flashed a custom kernel using the instructions available on 96Boards website. I just wanted to change the kernel, so I didn’t flash the rootfs partition.

After the flashing is finished there is no display on the monitor. However, I can log in using the serial connection.
Is there some additional setup needed to enable display in the custom kernel build?

Both kernels have the same version (uname -r displays 4.14.0-qcomlt-arm64).

I tried building the new kernel image with configuration found in /boot/config-4.14.0+qcomlt-arm64.
I also tried extracting the device tree from the original image and flashing it to the new image using dbootimg.

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… but you did copy the kernel modules to the rootfs? That’s most likely where something could have gone wrong. Can you describe how you did it?

Thanks for the quick respone!

The problem was solved after I built and deployed kernel modules for the custom kernel.