Disappointing Geekbench 4 and Dolphin povray bench results

I’m seeing HiKey960 board is struggling to match an average A73 and Kirin 960 scores: https://goo.gl/Dt3mmU

Geekbench 4 Android chart (based on average scores): https://goo.gl/iWY0Og

There was a report it takes way too long to complete dolphin povray bench.

Is it a known issue, could you clarify?

An firmware flashing should improve on it:

Watch all the way through and you’ll see someone else’s findings.

Basically he’s comparing Hikey960 benchmarks with the other boards and E8890/SD820. This isn’t correct, he should compare it to A73 which is Kirin 960, E8895 and SD835. 1200 points in GB4 is a way too low for A73 (should be around 2000), especially it was reported that Hikey960 was using 2.4GHz frequency during povray bench workload (means there’s no thermal throttling). Would be great to have an official response regarding this.

I am not seeing much active development on the 4.4 branch specially the one from googlesource. all the current development is in the 4.9 and upstream branches. I am guessing once we have an optimised 4.9 branch those numbers should pop up.
Again, the original kernel that the chip was probably launched with was a 3.18 or 3.x LTS or something and that would provide you with a proper score. BUT no one cares about that here we need a recent and mainline kernel It takes time to port the code to mainline. Should just be a matter of time.

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UPDATE: there is thermal throttling, the temp sensors drivers were just added and for me it seems that it tops out at 85c and starts to throttle a lot. however with a very tiny fan i was able to get the scores up to 1573 and 4176.

Did you manage to set up a fan that only spins up as needed? Or is it always flying? Any fan recommendations?

always spinning… search amazon or ebay for “Raspberry pi fan”

Did you manage to find a reasonably quiet one? Most tiny fans are painfully loud, in my experience. For my purposes I’ve found that a larger fan blowing sideways across the heat sink is often the best approach, as I value quiet operation.

something like this, although i have never used it before

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