Difference between Poplar & Poplar (Hoperun)

I see that only Poplar (Hoperun) advertises itself as capable of running AndroidTV.

Can the regular Poplar (available on AliExpress) run AndroidTV as well? I am asking as Poplar(Hoperun) is unavailable on Amazon.

The differences between the boards are that the Hoperun Poplar has twice the RAM (2GB versus 1GB) and USB OTG support. Only the Hoperun Poplar is supported in AOSP and the resulting images will not work on 1GB systems (and the install instructions require USB OTG).

The Tocoding Poplar can run Android but only using pre-built vendor images (which are provided by Tocoding). If you want to run any recent version of Android you need the Hoperun Poplar (or be prepared to port it yourself…).

Thanks Daniel!

Looks like I should wait for the Hoperun Poplar to be available for purchase then.