Detailed information of DragonBoard410's MIPI-DIS Output

Good day.

Allow me to post a question on image output of DragonBoard410C with MIPI-DSI standard.

What I want to do is to display images outputs of the Dragon Board 410C with MIPI-DSI standard on LCD displays which is compliant to the same standard.

I have been successful to project the MIPI-DSI graphic images on selected LCD panels whose drivers are publicly available (e.g. I made it to projet signals emitted from DragonBoard 410C’s MIPI-DSI on a LCD touch screen for Raspberry Pi).

However, I plan to use another panel display whose driver is not find and I was obliged to program the driver by myself. For this purpose I need to know about the detail of MIPI-DSI signals emitted by the DragonBoard410C, but so far I have not been successful to find the one (I assume it should be stated somewhere on the kernel source code, but…).

All that I know about the information are just as follows;
・PixelFormat : MIPI_DSI_FMT_RGB888
・Number of DSI Data Lane: 1

If yo u know someone who is familiar with this field, please introduce the detailed specification of the default”graphic signals outputted by the DragonBoard 410C’s MIPI-DSI, e.g. DSI clock rate and so on.

Thank you for your assistance, in advance.