Debian vs. Ubuntu


I found the Ubuntu variant much more stable than the Debian. What was the reasoning for releasing a Debian variant?


I can’t think of any obvious reason for the debian images to be less stable than the ubuntu images; they both have custom kernels although the kernel for the debian images will be more up to date than the ubuntu one.

If the behaviour is reproducible then I would recommend reporting it as a bug. This is probably the most effective way to see things improve.


Thanks for the reply. Where can I file bugs?

The problems I immediately encountered prior to switching over to Ubuntu is:

  • unable to ssh
  • sources.list had errors that needed to be hand fixed
  • wifi was spotty
  • and there were a couple other that I forgot…


Bugs can be filed at .

Please note that submitting bugs does require you to provide detailed information on how to reproduce the issue otherwise developers are left with little choice to but to close bugs as unreproducible.

At minimum you should provide exact version numbers of the images you installed together with the install method (fastboot, install from SD, etc). If you were forced to make changes to sources.list then a diff would be valuable to make clear what you think may have been omitted.

It is very important to include as much detail as possible; I am currently running the latest debian release ( ) and have not observed problems in any of the areas you mention.