Debian Stretch Rebooting

After @danielt mentioned about the snapshots were being built with Debian Stretch I thought I would download the latest and do some testing with my Bluetooth project.
The testing has gone well apart from the 410c is now rebooting itself a few times an hour.
I understand these aren’t releases so may be unstable. I am raising this here as feedback and to see if it is a known issue at this stage.


any chance you capture the UART log just before the reboot?

also, we recently also switched the kernel to 4.9, is that the build you are using? with 4.9 we are seeing one issue that leads to reboot , which typically has

[ 5851.372321] Unhandled fault: synchronous external abort (0x96000010) at 0xffff00000a16a8ac

in the UART log

we are looking into it…

Thanks for the reply.

I have used the sdcard image that was in:

which gives:

$ uname -a
Linux linaro-alip 4.9.0-linaro-lt-qcom #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 3 08:58:12 UTC 2017 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Last night I used the board and it was rock solid not rebooting once. The only obvious difference being that I used it headless last night and ssh-ing in. Where as the night I had the problems I had a keyboard and monitor plugged in.

I’ll keep using the board with this image and see what happens.

As for capturing the UART log. What is the set-up for this? Is it ?
If that is the case I don’t have the cable so probably will not be able to do this. Is there another way?

ok, thanks!

for the UART setup , yes you either need the cable as indicated in the doc, or this mezzanine is another option: