Debian - Speaker / Audio output Level


Hi folks

I’m am using SPKR outputs on the analog expansion header on dragonboard. I can get audio coming out but it is at very low level…I checked the usual alsamixer settings and all seems to be at max level.

So, do these outputs need a audio amplifier after the SPRK pins and before the speaker ?




can you please provide more details about which release/version you are using?



No problem. I’m using Arrow Snapdragon

I’m using Debian build 110



Can you give me more details about the speaker you have connected, like ohms and the class.

Db410c can drive class D 4 or 8 Ohms speakers.

also can you try this on the command line.

amixer set ‘RX3 Digital’ 100%

This will increase the speaker gain to max.



its a small (40mm) 0.25W, 8 Ohm speaker.


Speaker specs looks Ok, it should work with no issues with db410c.

Did changing the RX3 volume by below command help you with volume issue?

amixer set ‘RX3 Digital’ 100%



no that did not make a difference.

I did just add a small audio amp before the speaker … now I can hear audio properly


I do not know if something could be linked to Android, but on Android the volume is at max or OFF. There is no mix possible. Anyone experienced this too?



i’m tring to use speaker on Dragonboard 410c
the connect is ok,but i cannot get outputs
the speaker is 8 ohm 2W
should i change it ?
or can you show me how you config?
i’m using the linux on the board


the 8R/0.25W speaker works well
and i add a small amp like this

i can hear the audio properly too.