Debian sdcard image 32bit for 410c

Hi All,

Looking for Debian 32bit version for Dragonboard 410c. Can some one help in pointing out to the image for installation.


we don’t make ‘ready’ images for this configuration, but I have tested it sometime ago, e.g. 32-bit (armhf) debian running on DB410c, using the 64-bit kernel. Running 32-bit kernel is not something we support (nor plan to support).

To run armhf debian you will need to make/build your own image. You can potentially start from the Debian image we make for Snapdragon 600 (APQ8064) , see These images are built exactly like the DB410c images, but for the IFC6410 (and other 8064 based boards).

There aren’t so many differences between the 2 images, and you can check how we build them by looking at these 2 scripts:


Alternatively, you can start from scratch (debootstrap) too, but that means you are familiar with this tool.

If you have any issue, please post them here.

I am not aware of these tools and how to compile from scratch for 32bit. The reason why my post is also for the same thing, if someone already compiled for 32bit can share the images.


I am not aware of these tool and yaml files/jobs on how to generate the images. It would be great if someone can share steps on how to make an environment to compile the 32bit debian images for Dragon board 410c


you do not ‘compile’ debian images. but you assemble binary packages together. We don’t have full instructions/documentation about that, but really it should not be difficult to extract the information from the yaml file I have linked. The yaml file contains the link to git trees, the list of environment variables needed, and a few snippets of shell scripts that need to be executed.

It would be much simpler, if you look at the script, try to run them, and ask more detailed questions about issues you might have.