Debian 17.09 Wifi can't recognize some wifi

The previous product development based on 17.09 found that some wifi could not be recognized, but android could be recognized normally, and the system could also be recognized normally after upgrading to 19.01. Due to the large amount of products, I would like to know what firmware has been upgraded and what modifications have been made in the kernel part, and the general direction is enough, thank you

@Loic might remember this better than me but I don’t remember any WiFi firmware updates… only fixes to the Linux kernel driver.

For the driver patches, refer to:

And try to apply them on top of your 4.9 driver.

AFAIR the firmware has been updated as well, check /lib/firmware/wcnss.* SHAs.

Thank you for your reply. I tried to modify the driver and firmware of wcn36xx before, but I still could not find some wifi signals. Currently, the wifi chip USES wcn3620. When the wifi chip is replaced with wcn3660B or wcn3680B, the wifi signal is normal even when the system is not upgraded to 19.01.This indicates whether the relevant content of the agreement needs to be changed.Any ideas, thank you

Check the data sheets for the w
WCN36xx devices, if I remember correctly the 20 only does 2.5GHz, while the others do 2.5 and 5GHz.

In the back of my mind I am thinking that the SW advertised that the 20 could receive in both bands, despite the fact that it couldn’t. After initial connection, some of your WiFi devices are trying to move to a 5GHz channel and of course failing.

exact the following patch is supposed to fix this issue:

Not sure if it’s related to his issue though.

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