Db410 boot from sd possible?

I changed my GPT (in the wrong way) and seem to have put one SOM in this mess:

Android Bootloader - UART_DM Initialized!!!
[0] welcome to lk

[10] platform_init()
[10] target_init()
[30] SDHC Running in HS200 mode
[40] Done initialization of the card
[40] MBR signature does not match.
[40] MMC Boot: MBR read failed!
[50] Error reading the partition table info
[50] panic (caller 0x8f61b644): ASSERT FAILED at (target/msm8916/init.c:203): 0
[60] SCM call: 0x2000110 failed with :ffffffff
[60] HALT: reboot into dload mode...
[60] SCM call: 0x82000901 failed with :ffffffff

MBR fail, is concerning… Is there a way to recover from SD? Rescue doesn’t seem to work on this SOM - on another one yes. Am I stuck?

Your message makes me think you are not using a Dragonboard 410c, but another similar board. if so I would recommend to approach the relevant board manufacturer they might have the SD rescue image for your board.

Fair enough - it is equivalent hardware-wise (processor/pmic, hdmi bridge, emmc, etc). I have used sd rescue successfully on other SOMs. I think this might just be a corner case on this one unit.

ah. sorry.

well, right now the only options are:

  1. try the SD rescue image
  2. try the SD install image (i wasn’t expecting that linux or android would make a difference, but from a previous post it does… so try a many as possible…)
  3. return the board for flashing in ‘factory’ there are USB tools to flash the board, but they are not available to the community (nor to ourselves).

as I just said, there will be new rescue/install images with a newer set of bootloaders… hopefully they can fix some issues.