DB410 Android AOSP

I checked all information about android on DB410 but i am still lost. I would appreciate if anyone could help me with this questions:
Does anyone know what is the state of DB410 AOSP android (Linaro) .
Since there are no qualcomm blobs used how is graphics performance?
Does Wifi/BT work?
Since it is only tracking master branch, is i possible to checkout some specific branch like 8.1 ?
Would it be safe to use AOSP build as base for custom android product or should we stick to latest official 6.0.1 android version?
I cannot find any daily build of AOSP for DB410. Are there any?

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There is no Qualcomm ‘user space’ blob for the OpenGL/GLes, however we are still using the GPU firmware blob, which is loaded by the DRM driver into the GPU, using kernel firmware loading mechanism.

Then the kernel and the user space drivers (mesa/freedreno) are indeed open source and work really well.

Similarly for Wifi and BT, we are using the firmware blob from Qualcomm, which are loaded onto the appropriate co-processor, but the kernel and user space stack are open source. Wlan and BT work fine as well.

For now, we only tracked master, it is possible to reuse what was done to bring the relevant BSP on top of a stable release , but we haven’t done that. I would be interested to hear from you if you get it to work.

Most of our AOSP efforts , right now, are done on DB820c, and we have daily builds for that. A lot of the platform enablement that we do for 820c apply to 410c as well, it’s the same kernel, same graphics stack, … so you should be able to leverage that. We might come back to 410c/AOSP at some point, but not in the near term.

The “official” release that was done by Qualcomm, even if it is “official” has no path forward. it is no longer maintained, and there won’t be any update at all. On the other hand the AOSP efforts are based on top of a maintained kernel , which will be eventually upgraded to next Linux LTS… So it certainly depends on your definition of ‘safe’…


Thanks for answers.

I knew that qualcomm “version” is not going to move forward. Right now we are not worried about that since 6.0.1 is sufficient for us.
I will try with AOSP and see how it goes.
Could you point me to repo where development for DB820c is happening. Right now only thing i could find about android on 820c is https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/dragonboard/dragonboard820c/guides/aosp/

And manifest is the same as for db410c.