Datasheet for MIPI Camera adapter Mezzanine for 96Boards v2.4

Hi Team,
I have bought the MIPI Camera Mezzanine for 96Boards v2.4

I needed the documentation for the same to know the pinouts.
Please provide me with the same.
Thanks and Regards

Shailendra Vikram Singh

The vendor’s documentation for the MIPI camera mezzanine are kept here:

Hi Danielt,
Thanks for the Document shared.

But the above document provided are specifically for 2.1 adapter board.
Same hardware configurations might not be working for 2.4 adapter, As i have connected the adapter board with Hihope RZG2M v4 board and i cannot find any video or media instances getting generated.
Can you please share me the connections required for MIPI cameras or if any other thing which i could be missing while connecting with Hihope RZG2M v4 board
Thanks and Regards

Cameras attached to the HS connector will not be auto-detected. You are likely to have to make changes to the Hihope RZG2M software image (especially the devicetree) to tell the kernel the camera(s) are present.

Hi Danielt,
Is there any link which shows the procedure for the same.

will be gratefull

Thanks and Regards

No idea I’m afraid. I’ve not got a Hihope RZG2M. I don’t think it is an official 96Boards product (it’s marketed as “96Boards compatible”) and, to be honest, I’ve never even heard of it until today.