Customized HDMI display resolution and timing

My HDMI display has 1080x1920@30Hz. I want Hikey 960 to work with it and look like a smartphone.
I tried adding kernel boot parameter “video=1080x1920@30”. It probably rotated because a regular monitor didn’t work when connected to the board and the display did show something.
I guessed it was timing problem and add display-timing node to the device tree (under adv7533). But it looked like the driver didn’t read the dt.
Any idea about this problem?

Btw, the display works well on windows.

I could change HDMI’s resolution by “video=HDMI-A-1:1280x800@60”. However, it did not support all resolutions combination.

I think there is a problem for 1080x1920 resolution as I also tried this resolution in DSI MIPI panel but failed. While it is ok for 1088x1920 resolution for my cases. It seems that there is some byte-alignment issue on DRM driver.

How did you assign the resolution for DSI panel?

  1. by “video=DSI-1:1280x800@60”. However, this approach will calculate HFP, HBP, VFP and other settings automatically which might not meet your specified DSI MIPI panel.

  2. Under drm panel driver’s code, it could be defined in .hdisplay and .vdisplay of (struct drm_display_mode) directly.

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Hi Alan,

Whereabouts is that change made?

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