CryptoCell on hikey960

Are there any news on using CryptoCell with hikey960 ?
This github discussion from 2016
mentions that “actually HiKey has CryptoCell”, so it should be easy to mmap the registers through /dev/mem for a userspace driver.

I don’t think so.

Actually the github discussion you referred to is covering the hikey620 rather than the hikey960 but I don’t think there’s much news for the hikey620 either!

The GPL-licensed hisee_mntn driver written by Huawei (Code_Opensource/kernel/drivers/hisi/mntn/hisee/hisee_mntn.c)
includes the high-level interface to 7 SECENG functions
(TRNG, TRIM, SCE, RSA, SM2, KM, SCRAMBLING), but it probably depends on their trustedfirmware code. So we are really out of luck here :wink: