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Can someone please guide me on if there are any inbuilt Hardware Crypto Engine available on Hikey 96 boards ?
If yes, then where can I find the information related to its driver specs or data sheet ?

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Hi Arnab,

There is but the spec is not open to the public, not even linaro generally.


I guessed so as all my searches in net ended up with nothing. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for the info.

You’re welcome.
Is there anything you need or are looking for in particular?

I am looking for the APIs exposed by crypto driver on Hikey to write apps wrt secure content encryption/decryption. I am also looking if there are any APIs available for any kind of trusted Storage as provided by some vendors for the same purpose.
I am aware of the ARM Trustzone Framework support on software side. I Was wondering on how do I use the Crypto Hw functionality of Hikey with my apps.

In that case, you can refer to a set of standard APIs offered by GlobalPlatform (GP). This is supported on HiKey via OP-TEE, Linaro’s Trusted OS running on ‘top’ of ARM Trusted Firmware (Trustzone Framework) and included by default in the HiKey releases.

GP specs

  • You’ll want to look at TEE Client API Specification and TEE Internal Core API Specification


ARM Trusted Firmware

Please note that there are currently some caveats with using secure storage on HiKey OP-TEE due to hardware limitations. If you will eventually port your work to your own platform, you have to do a bit of extra work to allow it to operate fully securely. See here for details.

Thanks a ton for the guidance ! :slight_smile:

Have one more query though :slight_smile: ,

Is the current OP-TEE running on Hikey releases using the Hardware Crypto Engine of the Hikey board ?

No. It’s software based. As mentioned above, the hw crypto spec is not even available to linaro generally.

OK. Got it. Thanks again.