Cross compile dragonboard 410c

i got myself the 96board sensor for my dragonboard 410c running debian
i have install mraa and upm libraries on dragonboard , built fine
i have now set up cross compiling c++ on my pc with eclipse and when doing some simple c+= stuff it work fine …but
when i try to add mraa and upm to my project in eclipse it wont run program and throw some dumb error
i have set up eclipse as normal cross compiling and copied mraa and upm libraries to my project pc and added include and linked to my project from my pc and when trying to write a simple code from 96board sensors ,built and copied to dragonboard … it throw an error as permission denied and cant find upm::jhd1313m1 ,syntax error ( unexpected .
my c++ is syntaxed correctly but for some reason… could anyone tell me how to setup cross compile with mraa and upm working ??
i was using i2c lcd with upm::jhd1313m1 …

or could anyone tell me if i use intel IOT eclipse IDE how could i cross compile mraa and upm and use it from there if that is possible…
as i tried that as well but i believe im missing some paramters in my linking and includes…