Crash after apt-get upgrade on Linaro Debian

Dear all,

Since 1~2 weeks ago, Debian on DragonBoard 410c is getting crashed. Nothing displayed on the screen when reboot. Anybody experienced this? It’s a same situation on multiple board. I even cross checked with a brand new board as well. Since I don’t have a USB serial so it’s not possible to dump bootlog. Below is repro step.

  1. Install Linaro Debian ( to eMMC of DragonBoard 410c
  2. Setting up WiFi
  3. Open QTerminal
  4. “$ sudo apt-get update”
  5. “$ sudo apt-get upgrade”
  6. “$ sudo reboot now”

Thanks in advance for your comments on this.

I tried “$ dpkg --configure -a” as well in addition to above steps, but result is same.

There appear to be issues with kernel updates breaking things like network and video drivers. A viable workaround seems to be placing the kernel package on hold prior to doing any upgrades. After a fresh install do:

$ sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-4.14.0-qcomlt-arm64

You should now be able to update the system (accept the kernel and whatever is held back because of it) until a real fix is pushed to the repo.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your help @eee. I will try. BTW @ndec, do you know when next release of LInaro Debian for DB410c happen?