Cost effective way to interface a LCD monitor


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Currently Dragonboard is supporting not only HDMI but DSI interface too. My experience always have been using RGB24 bits displays, I’m not so expert with DSI, but my bet it’s that could be a cheap option.
Someone with experience can recommend me a DSI display well supported in Android for Dragonboard?

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Hi @sergi.martinez:

Unfortunately the MIPI-DSI specification only specifies the signals on the MIPI-DSI interface. Unlike other bus specifications (like USB and PCIe) MIPI-DSI does not specify a “standard” connector, hence almost every MIPI-DSI display module has different connectors. Unlike HDMI, or Display-Port, MIPI-DSI does not specify “standard” display timings and has no mechanism to query the display for the required timings.

Due to these two short comings of the MIPI-DSI specification, there is no “well supported” display for the MIPI-DSI port on the 410c. No matter what MIPI-DSI display you choose you will need to create a pin-out adapter to get from the 96Boards High Speed connector to the connectors on your specific display. You cannot hand wire this connection due to the very high speeds (1GHz+), and the very tight signal length matching requirements (sub millimeters).

Also since there are no standard MIPI-DSI timings you will need to modify the driver to generate the desired timings for the specific display you choose, fortunately we have a document on how to modify the software here:

But don’t worry, 96Boards compatible displays are coming soon:

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Thanks @ljking

I’m aware of mipi driver and timings adjustments… But I would like to know which display reference are using 96boards, price, …

Thank you for such detailed answer!