Containers on Hikey960 board

Can I create a docker on the Hikey 960 board which has Android on it? Will creating a docker act in a similar fashion as a Linux container (LXC) on Linux OS?

It’s not ‘officially’ supported on Android (Redirecting…), but it could be possible if your system fills at least all the LXC requirements (lxc). Now, I usually see people using Linux as host and run Android in a container.

I have seen that if we install debian OS onto the hikey 960 board, then we can create containers on that platform. The links for installing Debian OS are not so clear and do not lead to the image files to be flashbooted.

Could anyone provide the correct links.

There is no official release for hikey960 debian/rpb. In a first time I would suggest to install and try to run Yocto RPB/UEFI. Then if you want Debian you will need to replace the RPB root with a Debian one (