Connecting HiKey/Debian to enterprise WiFi

I got the HiKey board to talk to my WiFi at home. The Debian distro that ships on the HiKey board does not seem to have the more advanced WiFi config tools that I’m accustomed to with Ubuntu. Does anyone have any hints as to how to get the HiKey board connected to a WPA2 Enterprise WiFi system with PEAP and MSCHAP2 and all that stuff?

Hi Jonathan,

what are the tools that you are missing?

In Linux Mint (Xfce) for example, there is an “Application Indicators” plugin on the panel. This plugin causes a network icon to be displayed on the panel. If you click on the icon you get a menu showing the in-range WiFi SSIDs, useful functions such as “Connect to Hidden WiFi Network”, and the Edit button. The Edit dialog allows detailed and comprehensive control over each network connection, including the “WiFi Security” tab which enables configuring a variety of enterprise WiFi authentication schemes. The Dragonboard’s Ubuntu also has that tool. On the other hand, in the Debian variant provided with the HiKey board, WiFi must be configured by editing multiple text files under /etc. I thought Linux had left this era far behind. The Getting Started document only covers the most basic home networks. If you Google for help on this topic you get a multitude of suggestions for many flavors and versions of Linux, for a wide variety of enterprise, university, and home networks, but I have yet to find anything helpful. I have other things to do at work than become a WiFi security expert, so HiKey will probably go to the back burner until a quick and easy fix shows up.