Connect to Ultra96 Board

Hi Everyone,
I have a project with Ultra96 board,
I am researching some information about connection with Ultra96
I had created a SD-Card and I can connect to board through WIFI address.Now,I want to connect to board through USB ethernet garden but I don’t know what method

  1. USB-ethernet with Port A,Port B
  2. MicroUsb-ethernet
    Which one I can use ?
    Thank you very much,

Either of the regular type A ports should be fine.

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Hi Danielt,
Thank you for answer,
So,How about Micro Usb - Ethernet,
I am using Ultra96 bsp from Xilinx source,and I use default-setting.
I can connect to board through WIFI (,but at /interface .

  1. Ethernet /RNDIS gadget (g_ether)

  2. … or on host side, usbnet and random hwaddr.

  3. iface usb0 inet static.
  4. address
  5. netmask
  6. network
  7. gateway
    I dont know clearly about that, and If I use USB-ethernet portA(not Micro USB -ethernet) ,Do I need to configure at Petalinux ?

Thank you very much,

For most of the 96Boards I usually just connect a real USB-to-ethernet dongle into the type A socket. Most can use the gadget support to enable networking but it is fiddly and USB-to-ethernet dongles usually work out-of-the-box.

Occasionally a board vendor has not enabled the kernel drivers for the adapter and I’m afraid I’m not really sure what is enabled by default on the ultra96.

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Thank you for answer,

1)Your mean, I can connect to Ultra96 with Usb - Ethernet (port A).
If you have any document,please give me.

  1. I am not sure I understand it. In document of Ultra96, it tell me that

"When connected to a computer using the USB cable, the board can act as an Ethernet device (“Ethernet Gadget”). This is the recommended way to connect to the board from your computer, and allows you use a browser on your host computer.

When the USB cable is connected, an Ethernet device should be detected automatically on the host computer (Windows/Linux). A driver should already be available in Windows 10 and Linux. In Windows 7 a driver should start to install automatically when the board is connected.
Skip to Connecting to Jupyter Notebooks or keep reading for other connection options."

This is exactly what you mean,right ?

Thank you because your answer,

There are three main ways to make a network connection to the board:

  1. Use a USB to ethernet dongle connected to the type A sockets (this connects the board directly to your router and makes it easy to access the rest of your network from the board if needed).
  2. Use a micro USB cable to create a point-to-point network between your PC and the device.
  3. WiFi.

Note I have numbers the above so that #1 and #2 match your original message (e.g. #1 is about networking using the type A sockets, #2 is about networking using the micro USB socket).

I’m afraid we have been talking at cross purposes. My posts have been describing #1 but you have just mentioned that you are following documentation describing #2.

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Hi Danielt,
I really thank you very much for your answer,
I know that and I am researching about #1( port A) and #2 ( MicroUsb) and I want to know which one is better ?
About #2 connect Micro USB,Do you have some information(document) about it,please give me.
In my opinion,
Step1: Connect PC to Ultra96 board through cable ( USB for PC and Micro USB for Ultra96), Right?
Step2: At Manage in PC will be appear RDNIS/gadet driver, Right? .
Step3: Just connect to Board.
I will try it, but i dont know It’s true or false , I dont know what kind of cable for #2

Thank you very much,

I know that and I am researching about #1( port A) and #2 ( MicroUsb)
and I want to know which one is better ?

Neither is better.

#2 is attractive because the only hardware you need is a regular phone charger cable.

However if #2 doesn’t work it is very likely to be something on your PC that it preventing it and that can make troubleshooting difficult (since everyone’s PC is configured differently and most are unwilling to do a factory reset to get back to a well understood configuration).

I don’t think it applies to Ultra96 (which has more USB controllers than typical phone chips) but #2 is also a problem on many of the other 96Boards because using the micro B socket causes the type A sockets to deactivate. As I said, I don’t that will apply to you… but does mean there are relatively few people on the forum that could help you troubleshoot problems.

Thank you for answer,

I have some information,
I can enable g_ether on Ultra96 board with command : modprobe g_ether and “ifup usb0” ( Static IP ) and I can check by " ifconfig ",
And I don’t know How to connect to that static IP.
At Manage of PC, it only show Port USB serial instead of USB Ethernet/Gadget.Do you have some ideal for me that can connect to them(Ultra96) ?

Thank you very much,

Not really I’m afraid. The document you shared suggests that the ethernet gadget should be configured and ready to use out-of-the-box. If you are having to run custom modprobe commands then you are already well outside the scope of that documentation.