Connect Speaker

Hello 96board Community,

I’ve got a dragonboard 410c successfully running with linux. Now, I want to connect a speaker to it. I’ve read the dragonboard has a class-D amplifier with 1.8V output and found this guide on the Qualcomm website:

My question: Am I right, that I can connect a speaker to it without seperate energy needed? What specification should that speaker has to have? (like: 4 ohm, 1 watts).

Appreciate your help,

Hello Albi,
W.r.t hardware setup you should be able to directly connect the speaker as mentioned in the document. And the connections would support Class D mono differential speakers of 4 or 8 Ohm load. AFAIK, the codec can drive up to 1.5W into a 8 Ohm speaker.

W.r.t software we are rolling out v4.4 kernel soon which would include support analog audio. In the mean time if you are interested in trying out new kernel its available at

Remember this is just a test kernel and expected to have issues.