Connect mobile to Dragonboard using Bluetooth


I’m looking for a working example of some python or cpp code that runs on the DB, and advertise its bluetooth UUID, so I can find it with my iPhone/Android, and when I pair on my phone, the app will print “Paired” on the DB.

I tried running the (python-bluez), but it is not discoverable on my iphone.
I tried running a tool called bluetoothctl, and then I see the station “linaro-alip”, but it doesn’t help.

I wonder why it’s so complicated. If you can suggest a piece of code that demostrate the cycle, that would be nice.


There are several python examples in the bluez source tree [1] itself, under test/. You can have a look at example-advertisement for BLE advertisement, and at simple-agent for pairing management, then build your own custom app/script.