Connect External USB Camera to AOSP project (android automotive)

I’m going crazy because i can’t connect my camera to the system.
The log basically tells me this:

366 681 I UsbUserSettingsManager: Camera permission required for USB video class devices
842 1531 E UsbManager: exception in UsbManager.openDevice
842 1531 E UsbManager: java.lang.SecurityException: User has not given 10023/ permission to access device /dev/bus/usb/001/004

This happens when I connect the camera to the system, without there being an application using it.
If instead I try to use it through an application it still gives me the same error.
But I didn’t understand how to give these permissions …

I hope you help mee!

Look at your ueventd.rc

That’s where you set permissions like that.
Focus on the group rather than the user.

firmware_directories /etc/firmware/ /odm/firmware/ /vendor/firmware/ /firmware/image/
uevent_socket_rcvbuf_size 16M

subsystem graphics
devname uevent_devpath
dirname /dev/graphics

subsystem drm
devname uevent_devpath
dirname /dev/dri

subsystem input
devname uevent_devpath
dirname /dev/input

subsystem sound
devname uevent_devpath
dirname /dev/snd

ueventd can only set permissions on device nodes and their associated

sysfs attributes, not on arbitrary paths.

format for /dev rules: devname mode uid gid

format for /sys rules: nodename attr mode uid gid

shortcut: “mtd@NN” expands to “/dev/mtd/mtdNN”

/dev/null 0666 root root
/dev/zero 0666 root root
/dev/full 0666 root root
/dev/ptmx 0666 root root
/dev/tty 0666 root root
/dev/random 0666 root root
/dev/urandom 0666 root root

Make HW RNG readable by group system to let EntropyMixer read it.

/dev/hw_random 0440 root system
/dev/ashmem 0666 root root
/dev/binder 0666 root root
/dev/hwbinder 0666 root root
/dev/vndbinder 0666 root root

/dev/pmsg0 0222 root log

kms driver for drm based gpu

/dev/dri/* 0666 root graphics

these should not be world writable

/dev/uhid 0660 uhid uhid
/dev/uinput 0660 uhid uhid
/dev/rtc0 0640 system system
/dev/tty0 0660 root system
/dev/graphics/* 0660 root graphics
/dev/input/* 0660 root input
/dev/v4l-touch* 0660 root input
/dev/snd/* 0660 system audio
/dev/bus/usb/* 0660 root usb
/dev/mtp_usb 0660 root mtp
/dev/usb_accessory 0660 root usb
/dev/tun 0660 system vpn

CDMA radio interface MUX

/dev/ppp 0660 radio vpn

sysfs properties

/sys/devices/platform/trusty.* trusty_version 0440 root log
/sys/devices/virtual/input/input* enable 0660 root input
/sys/devices/virtual/input/input* poll_delay 0660 root input
/sys/devices/virtual/usb_composite/* enable 0664 root system
/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu* cpufreq/scaling_max_freq 0664 system system
/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu* cpufreq/scaling_min_freq 0664 system system

The file is this: what should I change?