Compiler internal error: segmentation fault


While compiling the systemimage, it gave me this error: Compiler internal error: segmentation fault. I am just using make -j1. I don’t think my laptop causes this. I guess it is the compiler issue. My system is Ubuntu 14.04, gcc compiler is 4.8.4 on ASUS zenbook 305.

What gcc version you guys use ?


The release notes at say you should be using this cross compiler

I also missed that instruction the first time I tried to compile the kernel.

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Yes you need a cross-compiler. Your distro may have one available in the standard repos, or you can grab the one here (it’s what I have been using):


Hi suicidaleggroll and ljking,

Thanks a lot for the information. I am very new to this. What I am doing is to follow the guide to compile the Android. The guide tells to run “make” after setting up the environment. I thought the make will use “arm-linux-androideabi-gcc-4.8” in android’s prebuilts.

My android source is downloaded from the board support package here:

If I need to change the compiler, what are the steps?