Codesys demo on DragonBoard 410c


I just found this Codesys demo based on Raspberry

and was wondering if something similar is available for DragonBoard 410c.
I also tried to apply the “Getting Started” of the Raspi for the DragonBoard but failed.
Any input is welcome.

Thank you!

I’m afraid I don’t read German well enough to even figure out what this
product is. It looks like a commercial product so themselves
would be the only people who can really help you.

If their product is just an ARMv6 binary that runs on Raspbian then you
might be able to also run it on DB410C/Debian. It really depends what
kernel interfaces it uses. Anyhow IIRC we have recently enabled some
kernel options that make it possible to run ARMv6 binaries (and this
should be on in the forthcoming “April” release for DB410C).