Clarification of USB features

I’m still waiting for my 410c dragonboard to arrive. I was reading up on the documentation and user guide. They say that the USB can be either host or device mode, but not both at the same time. The image on page 12 of the user manual shows micro-usb connected at the same time as a keyboard and mouse.

Is it possible to have a usb ethernet dongle connected and working in Android and then ‘adb reboot bootloader’ to get to the bootloader, and ‘fastboot boot …’ all in a row without having to manually flip any switches on the 410c board? I’m ok with using adb over ethernet. I’d just like to be able to hop into fastboot and be able to drive that and then hop into android and have usb accessories working.

I’d be grateful if somebody who has one of these boards can explain the workflow a little bit.
Thanks in advance.

No, you wont be able to use adb while using your usb dongle.

Please see the following post.