Cellular Modem for Hikey 960



Hello, I want to ask if there is any recommended cellular modem that uses a SIM card and allows making phone calls from the Hikey 960 when running Android ? I am looking for something that can work with a 4G SIM. I am not looking for 4G LTE dongle for LTE data. I am more interested in cellular calls that uses SIM card minutes.


Hikey 960 how to make a phone call with sim card or usb module

Hi I want to know is there any usb 3g module or sim card that can make phone call on hikey 960


I’m not aware of anything 96Boards specific, however any off-the-shelf phone module should work, provided you have the appropriate level shifter mezzanine board on the hikey960.

Perhaps https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-fona-3g-cellular-gps-breakout/ would be good? Adafruit generally have very good guides to help you learn how to use it!


Not knowing what your use-case is for having a voice-cell connection on the hikey960, I am working on getting bluetooth HFP-client working on it, which of course allows you to place and receive phone calls on the hikey960. The difference being that you are tied to a cell phone for the network connection.

If that would work for you, details on getting it working are at the end of this very long thread;


Cute! It might feel a bit hacked together but its certainly true that you can pick up a bottom-of-the-range Android phone for less than the Adafruit phone module!