CE Debian RPB - 16.03 HDMI audio and Video hardware decoding


I’ve installed CE Debian RPB - 16.03 on Dragonboard 410c, and despite the test report on the site saying HDMI audio works, I get no audio, and Volume control only shows Speaker, earphone and headphones playback options for “Output Devices”.

I’ve also tried to play a few 1080p h.264 videos in vlc, but the system appears to use software decoding (60% CPU usage on 4 cores), not hardware decoding. Is hardware video decoding implemented in the Debian image?


Hi @cnxsoft,

Regarding the hardware video decoding, the member build hosted here has the hardware support.

Hardware acceleration for video playback has 2 main ‘steps’:

  1. decoding the stream
  2. rendering the video frames

The LT builds have h/w video codecs support (to decode the stream), that includes:

  • v4l2 driver
  • a custom Gstreamer v4l2 plugin

There is no support for h/w video codecs in VLC (or ffmpeg), but probably the gstreamer app will be able to use the hardware acceleration.