Case for hikey960


does the dragonboard case by arrow fit on the hikey 960?


Consumer Edition (CE) boards all have the same form factor. It should work across all CE boards.


I am concerned about the clearance of the pcie slot


For a very simple solution, get some perspex cut, drill some holes in it (using appropriate drill bits), buy some M2.5 brass standoffs, and you’ll have a very simple case. Sizing is on p24 of the consumer board specs.

Here’s one I made earlier:


If you want to do this yourself, I recommend cast acrylic/perspex over extruded, which tends to crack. I ordered from Delvie’s Plastics who seem to provide a good range of high quality stock. Chrome vanadium drill bits with a sharp tip work for me (Fisch Chrome Vanadium brad point drill bits). Make sure that the screw part of your brass standoffs is thicker than the acrylic by a decent margin: 1/8"/3mm is right for most people. M2.5 stand-offs are common on Amazon, e.g.


The nvme connector sucks!



I agree it does rather compromise the form factor… although I guess its better to have an M.2 connector than not have one!


Well, this connector doesn’t work.
It seems that I need to recompile the kernel with the right drivers. And I have no idea that Android will support it.
So, for now, it’s just a useless connector, with the worst position ever, sitting on the board.