Can't download Ubuntu image

I just bought rock960 board and tried to download Ubuntu image. The download link seems to be broken? Can someone give me the correct link? Also, will it work if I installed directly from Ubuntu website?

On which page did you get broken link?
Links seem valid on 96boards documentation [1] and you can either download the SDCARD image or partition images depending installation method [2].

No, mostly because there are some customized parts like bootloader, kernel and device-tree.



I am afraid @Leo_Lam is right. I visited 96 boards website and found out that links in the main page are broken. I mean the links within the “OS” list group (see image below).

For instance, “Ubuntu” links to:

But It should be:

Weird. That should have been picked up by the link checking
(and since I think this is a reorg of the documentation probably
should have been made safe with a redirect anyway).

Anyhow… I submitted a bug for this (there is a button at the bottom
of each page to help with problem reports):

thanks for report. we are moving the documents to rock family to support upcoming hardware, including rock960 model a&b, rock960 model c, rock970 etc…

When will rock 970 come out?

it’s just an example… it doesn’t mean there is rock970 now…