Can't boot successfully with SD card


I have a problem of boot dragonboard410c.
After I install successfully by using Android/Debian OS,
I can boot successfully if I plug in an empty SD card.
But I cannot boot dragonboard410c if I plug in a SD card that having data, such as txt file.

How can I resolve it? Do I need to change bootloader or kernel FW?

Is the S6 dip switch on 0-1-0-0 (SD boot on)? If so, try changing it to 0-0-0-0 (SD boot off).


It is OK when I change switch to 0-0-0-0.
But how should I do if I want to work on 0-1-0-0(SD boot on) mode?

I think 0-1-0-0 is for refreshing Dragonboard410c…If you want to use 0-1-0-0, you probably have to make a completely uImage&firmware in your SD card.

Quite right, if you configure a DB410C to boot from SD card and then install readable but non-bootable media into the uSD card slot then the boot may fail. To boot normally you must either set the DIP switches or remove the SD card during power on.