Can't boot my Ultra96 hardware


Does anyone have troubleshooting experience with booting up an Ultra96 hardware for the fist time?

I made sure the board is set for boot from SD card (1=off, 2=on). Some LEDs light up but the initialize one stays red indefinitely. The board is unable to power down the normal way so I must hold down SW3 for 10 seconds to force power down. I tried re-flashing the Delkin 16GB SD card several times but no luck. Any ideas or helpful documentation that might help?



Do you have access to serial console via debug/uart?


Maybe your MODE switch has developed an issue. Sometimes moving the switches back and forth multiple times will help dislodge any debris that may prevent proper operation. You could use a meter to see if the switch is setting those MODE pins to the correct state.

You could also try using SDK to download one of the example bare metal designs just as a sanity check to make sure your board’s MPSoC will configure properly.