cannot find hikey970 board


I tried to run adb devices but could not find any devices after connecting the hikey970 board to a macOS machine. I have installed adb correctly and can find a few other android phones. I have enabled developer mode and checked usb debugging . The os running on the board is the default android os that is preinstalled. I connected the board to the laptop via USB-C to USB-C cable. How can I let the board appear in adb devices? Thanks! I have searched for some solutions online, but mostly pointing to flash the OS. I would greatly appreciate a solution that does not require change the underlying os that is pre-intalled. Thanks!


First off, I don’t use apple products, but possible explanation is this;

The USB connection has different VID PID between different vendors and products. The rules used to set permissions on devices will be based on a list or pattern of known vid/pid. If the device you are using doesn’t match that list, then your user won’t have permission to access it.

Try connecting as root.
Don’t forget to kill adb first.
Something like;

$ su
# killall -9 adb
# adb shell