Can we put power on/off switch on the board?

I just noticed that some 96boards(e.g. HiKey960) has power button for turning on and off the board.
Can we have some sort of modification/addition of switch/button/jumper onto our rock960 board? perhaps on the Low Speed Expansion connector?
I just feel like removing/inserting the barrel jack everytime I just want to turn it off/on will wear-off the board’s components sooner than having a proper on/off.
At the moment, I use my rock960 mainly as Android box that’s why I have interest in proper on/off. Pardon me for sounding so novice, this is my first 96board. TIA all.

As part of 96Boards spec, Low speed expansion connector exposes a PWR_ON (4) and RESET (6) pins. You can maintain rock960 board in hardware off/reset state by forcing RESET pin to GND .


Some of the mezzanine boards also make this easier to reach by providing a physical reset button (the 96board-uart adapter is an example of this). In fact the 96boards-uart also allows the power and reset pins to be pulled low from the PC which can be useful for automation.

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