Can not recover db845c

I am trying to recover db845c because I can not reach the board via usb cable. adb devices always empty and I can see USB disconnected log in dmesg.

after I boot the db845c when I plug the usb cable I can see this log from com port

qusb2_1: hstx: 7
PLL1 locked: 5
usb_lane: 1
Handling Cmd: getvar:product
DwcUpdateURB:Trb: TRB ring of EpIndex 2 is full
UsbfnDwcSubmitUrbNode: UpdateUrb Failed: 0x8000000B
UsbfnDwcTransfer: Failed to submit transfer
UsbDeviceSend: Failed to submit data transfer: Device Error
Error, failed to handle USB event

I followed this tutorial . but qdl command return this error

I/O error : Permission denied
I/O error : Permission denied
I/O warning : failed to load external entity "rawprogram0.xml"
[PATCH] failed to parse rawprogram0.xml
qdl: failed to detect file type of rawprogram0.xml

So now I can not nothing. I can not use the board because adb devices is empty. Also I can not recover it because qdl command returns error. What should I do ?