I would like to know if RP-BM can be used as Secure Storage with OP-TEE on Hikey960.
Looking at the source code, tee_supplicant seems to support only eMMC’s RPMB and not UFS.
So, I think I can’t use RPMB on Hikey960. Is it right?

Thank you.

Yes currently tee-supplicant seems to support only eMMC’s RPMB. But UFS does provide support for RPMB partition as well. I think this could be added as an enhancement to tee-supplicant.

If you want to play with RPMB secure storage stack for testing purposes, you could enable RPMB_EMU in tee-supplicant (looks like it is enabled by default though).

Thank you for your reply.
Do you have any plan for tee-supplicant update?

I have updated OP-TEE people regarding this enhancement required. BTW, if you have any working implementation, please feel free to create a PR here: