Can I power DragonBoard 410c from a 18.5V power supply?

Hi All.

I have 18.5V HP notebook power supply. 18.5V is not in 6.5V to 18V range. Can I use it for powering my DragonBoard 410c?

Thanks in advance.

I think the response is in your question, the SY8104 DC-DC converter on the board operates over an input voltage range from 4.5V to 18V. So we can not recommend using an overvoltage power supply. BTW, did you checked the real output voltage of your power supply with a multimeter?

Actually, the datasheet specifies a range of 4.5-16V. 18V is the “absolute maximum”.

The DragonBoard can only work down to 6.5V (Worst case load) because the inductor we selected is not low-enough resistance to operate at lower input voltages (cost and board real estate issues with the higher quality inductors, and we exceeded the 96Boards requirement of 8V.)

On the High end of the voltages everyone is correct: 18.5V is too high.
@kom09 DO NOT use your HP Notebook supply to power the DragonBoard.