Camera module for Hickey


Is there any camera module supported by Hikey board?

Hi @renesas,

There are two camera IF.

One is connecting camera through MIPI-CSI and we are also waiting for this kind of Mezzanine to be sold in the market.

Another one is UVS compliant USB-camera.
There are description here to rebuild the kernel on Debian to make the USB camera work.

Hi @ldts-atsuka,

Thanks for the information, Do you know if this Mezzanine camera is already being sold in the market (I mean if there have been news since June 24)?.

Also checking the OpenHours from 96Boards ( It seems that there is a new MIPI camera with name ‘AiStarVision’ but I don’t know if this can work on Hickey neither where to get it. Do you know anything about it?


You can buy the items here:

It has only been tested on the db410c so far. The vendor is hoping to test, and also hoping people who buy the board will test as well.

Hi, @ldts-atsuka

What is UVS compliant USB-camera? Thx.

I suspect it is a typo for UVC, where UVC stands for USB Video Class (wikipedia).

Hello, have you used a UVC camera in Hikey960 board? I can’t use it successfully. Can you give some advices? Thx.